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Body N Sync became the first exercise studio in Port Washington, NY to specialize in the Pilates method. In an exclusive, convenient location of Port Washington, Long Island, we have been offering personalized Pilates exercise programs tailored to your needs by expert qualified Pilates instructors since 1998. Body N Sync is your alternative to the traditional health club atmosphere.

Pilates, the greatest hidden secret is now revealed. Joseph H. Pilates developed this unique safe and effective method over 75 years ago. The Pilates method promotes long lean flexible muscles. It is a strengthening program that trains the whole body without stressing the joints.

At the end of each session you will feel refreshed, invigorated and energized. This method is more than a good workout! It is about the balance between strength and flexibility, body and mind, therapy and fitness, and control and lifestyle.

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Born near Dusseldorf, Germany in 1880, Joseph Pilates suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever as a child. His determination and drive to overcome those ailments led to the study of both Eastern and Western forms of exercise: including yoga, Zen, ancient Grecian and Roman regimens. He took them o­ne step further by combining engineering skills with his knowledge of exercise and anatomy, to design apparatus geared specifically to his philosophy.

Joseph Pilates - the name is of Greek origin - brought his revolutionary method of physical and mental conditioning to the United States in the early twenties. His studio in New York City caught the attention of the dance community - and the Pilates technique became an integral part of dance training. Such legends of dance as Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Hanya Holm and Jerome Robbins, have all practiced Pilates and taught it to their students

Pilates felt that his work was probably about sixty years ahead of its time, and although his name is not yet a household word, people from all walks of life are discovering and choosing the exercises based o­n his technique as their fitness program. Hospitals and physical therapy centers worldwide are using this method to rehabilitate injured athletes and dancers. Many athletes - even football players - now incorporate Pilates exercises into their training. Pilates-based fitness studios are teaching the technique to an increasing number of ordinary people who are tired of the "pumping iron" atmosphere of conventional gyms and aerobic dancing studios.


There are more than 500 exercises in the Pilates Method. We'd like to introduce you to a few exercises on the apparatus used more frequently in a typical session.

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The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning.

An Old Technique for New Bodies

The Pilates method is a method of toning and stretching, different from any you’ve tried before! A controlled series of rhythmic, balanced motions designed to make you agile and supple and add new grace and vitality to the way you move.

The Pilates method is unique in that the majority of the exercises are performed in a
gravity-eliminated position, emphasizing body symmetry and abdominal control. Both stretching and strengthening are possible with Pilates. Proper breathing techniques and body mechanics are strongly emphasized. The exercises utilize both eccentric and concentric muscular contractions.

Specialized Pilates apparatus is designed to complement the actions of your own muscles, but you do not play a passive role. You move and control the equipment, and as you do, each of your muscle groups is worked, stretched and massaged. Complete concentration is a vital element of this method, providing more effective results.

An individually supervised program will be tailored to your needs and paced to your ability by Pilates instructors who specialize in this unique, exclusive system of body conditioning refined through over seventy years of practice. You will progress at your own pace through interesting and varied movements selected to stimulate all your muscles and to loosen and smooth the actions of your joints.

Every motion has a purpose. By concentrating o­n each step of the Pilates method you increase your ability to perform the exercises with control and precision. You see and feel your progress from the beginning. At the end of each session You will feel refreshed, invigorated and energized.

Pilates is safe. In a studio setting, most of the exercises are performed in a horizontal position o­n the special apparatus and o­n the mat. This allows the body to be centered and the spine aligned, while avoiding undue stress o­n the lower back and neck during the exercises.

Increasing stamina. Pilates exercises aim to strengthen the lower back and stomach area, providing a “corset” from which to work the rest of the body ; the deep breathing eliminates tension and increases stamina.

This unique, safe and effective method was conceived by Joseph Pilates who came to New York in the 1920’s from Europe. He developed a method suitable for everyone seriously committed to a healthy mind in a healthy body. Pilates exercises can be done by anyone, from the super fit to these dentary, from the elderly to youth, from pregnant women to rehabilitation patients.

Feel good about your body. The Pilates method is based o­n the concept of “controllogy” which aims to coordinate mind, body and spirit through the correct use of muscles and breathing. Many of the exercises were based o­n age-old yoga movements. As you learn to concentrate o­n the flowing motions of the Pilates method you will experience a new sense of harmony with yourself.


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